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That night, Kurt text’d his wife again: My dear Tammy, Something has come up.
I have some loose ends to deal with before coming home.
It might take some time.
Hope all is well at home.
I’ll keep in touch.
Your loving husband, Kurt.
The next day was warm and bright.
It was shirt sleeve weather by ten that morning and by ten thirty, he was back at the police station where he found out that no one had seen Joanna.
Her purse was found with her wallet intact still in the casino.
Nothing appeared to be missing.
It was the only piece of evidence they had along with Kurt’s statements.
They finger printed Kurt and took a blood sample, his picture and home address.
A finger print analysis would be made the following day on the purse and its contents.
That night, Kelly invited Kurt for pizza in her apartment.
He brought along a bottle of Chianti that would make a nice fit with pizza.
There was no talk of police work, Joanna, or Kurt’s work as the tractor representative while they shared the wine and pizza.
Hoping Kelly might have something more in mind than dinner, Kurt said, “You’re beautiful and sexy, Kelly.
You must have had your share of boyfriends.
” “Kurt, this isn’t a big town.
There weren’t many good choices in high school.
I did pretty well for myself at the police academy but nothing permanent.
” “Hmm, pretty well for yourself, meaning you had your pick of the litter.
” “I guess so.
Guys wanting to do police work are pretty determined and competitive with the ladies, so they took me under their wing and well, you know, we became friends.
” “Yes, like friends with benefits.
Is that right?” “I guess you could say that.
” “How many friends, like ten?” “Maybe a few more.
” “Fifteen?” “I really wasn’t counting.
” “Twenty-five?” “Something like that.
Guys seem to like me, but let’s stop the math lesson and enjoy our dinner.
” Kurt was hypnotized by her skirt as that provocatively inched up along her tempting thighs.
He only nibbled at the pizza wondering why Kelly had revealed so much of her past and invited him to her place for dinner.
His first thought was that it might be her attempt to gain a degree of trust and loosen his tongue to encourage him to tell where Joanna could be found. Bone me daily mature sex gallery.

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