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Yes, she would write a letter for me he told himself and Spencer was happy about that.
So now I’ve got to go to a few of the other teachers he said aloud.
The others were a little on the messed up side as far as he was concerned.
The first two had already agreed to write the letter, which he thought was odd, but happy anyway.
Okay, so that wasn’t so messed up but one teacher, well she was fucked up, or so he thought she was.
He expected to make love with them all but that only happened with one of them.
It was the third one who wanted something in return.
Yes, she did.
She was one fucked up woman or so he thought she was.
Close in age to Angela, all she seemed normal to him, at first, but all she wanted was a man’s cock, and she wanted it inside her pussy.
She also wanted it inside her mouth.
No love, no intimacy, all she wanted was good hard sex, and all she got was one hard fuck too.
He made no personal connection to the teacher.
She really didn’t care.
All she needed was what she wanted.
He came, they fucked, and that was that.
That was all she required.
That was all she needed.
That was all she got.
Of course, he did it well, but Spencer being Spencer never enjoyed just sex alone.
Anyone can go in and get hard and fuck a woman he believed.
Anyone can do that, he told himself after the fact.
Spencer was a rather intelligent guy but that never showed on a grade card.
It didn’t matter though because in the long run he became what women needed him to be.
He became something of a master psychotherapist that would council women in a relationship.
He didn’t know it at the time but he’s soon learn it in the long run.
Personally though, he knew he loved the passion of a woman.
He knew he enjoyed that in any romantic encounter.
That much he was sure of in fact.
He loved it from the moment the encounters started to occur.
Yes, that’s right Angela.
He knew it from the start.
He was sure of it in fact.
She also loved that passionate intimacy with him.
Don’t you Angela he asked himself.
But what about Karen? How come she backed out? He thought he knew why but he wasn’t so sure as of yet.
Didn’t she love it too? Videos pantyhose full.

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