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Smoke and and multiorgasm for both.
I pulled back from Jason’s arse, grateful to breathe in the fresher air in the room, and he stood up and turned around, his cock level again with my face.
“Suck his cock!” Ricky suggested, reading my mind, but Jason shook his head at the prospect of that.
“Laura does that,” he told us, “but ya can lick my balls.
She won’t touch those.
” For some reason I was only allowed to do things to him that his wife wouldn’t or couldn’t.
He seemed to feel that it didn’t fall under the definition of cheating if he was only satisfying his curiosity about things he wasn’t getting at home.
“Put one leg up on the mattress,” Ricky urged and Jason did as he suggested, lowering his large, hairy scrotum down onto my face. Smoke and and multiorgasm for both.

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