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Wow ! There were such things as ‘oral’ techniques, a ‘g-spot’ existed and different positions.
Who knew? We were fortunate enough to be what I suppose would now be described as ‘sexually compatible’ – we lusted for each other.
So when, often a little tentatively, I introduced such things, they were received eagerly.
Soon, I’d brought her to orgasm with my tongue agitating her clitoris accompanied by a finger (or two!) inside her.
Once satiated, she’d have me on my back, with me delighting in watching her mounting excitement as her breasts bounced up and down in harmony to the pounding she was giving my rapidly appearing and disappearing cock.
She exulted in the flood of semen that would result from such ministrations.
Our bodies would stick together from the fluids we’d both exuded.
Soon, of course, (almost expected, then, as we were married) a pregnancy resulted but that didn’t stop us.
Okay, I was somewhat concerned initially that we could hurt the fetus but we learned that with her on all fours (can you imagine my pleasure at seeing her ass and glistening cunt, from that angle, for the first time?), we could pursue and achieve what we both desired.
So, that is an outline of approximately the first eighteen months of my ‘post virginal’ time.
Many sensations were discovered over the years but can they compare to the first times? What do others think? Him: I’ll be there at 10, babe.
Be ready for me ;) It’s the same story I’ve heard too many times before, and being the hopeless romantic that I am I want to believe that maybe this time will be different.
I like to think that my feelings for him are being returned because when we are together it just feels right.
Hence the hopeless to my romantic.
I glance at the clock for the hundredth time and sigh.
11:26 pm.
An hour and twenty-six minutes isn’t that long right? There is that chance that maybe he got held up at work or had car problems.
Like accidentally driving into the river? I mean…it could happen.
I laugh to myself and shake my head, knowing I’m being ridiculous when the doorbell goes off.
Standing quickly, I shuffle to the entryway, stopping to check myself in the mirror. Seeking men hamilton.

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