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She felt a little uncomfortable about herself, about her body and her weight.
Karen listen he started to say softly.
He shut up a second as he caressed her cheek.
I’m not a psychologist but I will say this, if it helps at all, but I think you are a really, really pretty woman.
I mean it too.
If I didn’t think so I wouldn’t be here with you today.
I mean that.
I like you.
I like you a lot too.
I want to be with you today.
I mean that.
I want to be with you and I do really want to make love to you.
And then he looked at her as he smiled and added, nicely And I don’t mean to have sex either.
I hope you know that.
It did sound to her as if he was all grown up as she lay on her back wondering but Karen still didn’t feel positive about her weight issues.
He never thought of her as fat.
No, he never saw her as a fat woman whatsoever.
Yes, she was a little on the fluffy side but to Spencer Karen was a very attractive and potentially sexy woman.
He came to adore almost everything he’d seen so far.
Of course there hadn’t been much to see at that point but he loved her size, he liked her body’s shape, and though she was a tad more fuller figured then others she was definitely attractive and sexy in her own way.
She went on to say I’m sorry, I can’t do this Spencer.
I just can’t.
She shook her head and added I can’t.
I’m not sure why but I can’t do this with you.
She wore a frown on her face and pulled herself together.
He watched her and felt bad about it too.
He wished he could have made love with her.
He knew, deep down in his heart, that she’d love it if she let herself be made love to.
But he was younger, much more inexperienced in life then he realized, and he knew there would be other chances to fulfill his life’s destiny.
She finally dressed and so did he once he saw her pulling herself together.
With that she said Spencer, I want to assure you of one thing.
Her voice was soft and affectionate like.
I am going to go ahead and write you that letter of endorsement anyway.
You can be assured of that.
Oh and thank you for coming over anyway.
I loved that you did.
They gazed into one another’s eyes and she followed up with You are a very sweet young man Spencer. Rus dating net.

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