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He would do sexy little things that would drive me crazy.
Once when I was bringing him his afternoon tea there were managers in the office next door having a big argument.
The joint office had an open ceiling so you could hear everything clearly.
I entered his office and he leans back in his chair grabs his big hard cock through his pants then mouths the words.
“I’m sooooo horny!” He had a wild look in his eyes and anyone could have walked in at any time and discovered us.
That was the first time any man actually made my pussy get instantly wet and cum a little bit without even touching me.
I wanted to fuck him so badly that day.
Sometimes just the way he would look at me made me feel a burning inside.
He would look at my lush lips as if he was envisioning them sucking him off.
Very often doing this at the most inappropriate times being totally distracting, and making my lust for him grow even stronger.
I wondered if he knew what kind of effect he always had on me and just how much I really wanted him.
I certainly would never tell him as no matter what his reaction might be it would have been an exercise in futility with a married man. Real web cam sex.

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