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We spent most of the night bouncing from friend to friend trying to catch each other up on years worth of life.
Later in the evening the better part of the women’s volleyball team had started congregating and snatching up the remaining players as it meandered, sucking people up into the group like a tornado passing through.
Shannon tried to resist but wasn’t going to be a bitch about it either.
She gave me an apologetic look and I waved her to run along with them.
Now, however, I was left alone with Lisa.
I tried to ignore the problem, but that didn’t solve it.
Lisa kept finding excuses to bump into me, graze me, and at one point pressed her breasts into my arm.
I gave her the same look I did earlier in bed, and not surprisingly got the same support and response.
She shrugged and just kept doing what she wanted because without making a scene there wasn’t much I could do, and I didn’t even want to talk about it lest someone overhear or god forbid Shannon comes back at just the wrong time.
Other than the colossal tease of it, there might have also been a part of me that was enjoying it too. My wife has a great ass.

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