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Yes…well that’s just… She spluttered.
Danielle shook her head and made a tutting sound.
Phil looked at the girl sternly and then dropped back into man mode and undressed her with his eyes.
Yes, I’m afraid this contravenes several regulations, said Danielle.
Does it? Yes, subsection three, paragraph 69.
‘No items of a sexual nature over six inches long may be carried in a passenger’s hand luggage.
’ Oh.
I didn’t know.
Yes, and what’s more, it’s metal.
Potential hazard for all sorts of reasons.
Phil stepped in, feeling the need to add some gravitas.
I don’t suppose it’s ready to go? I mean… is it operational? I was just thinking that, said Danielle.
Danielle clicked a button on the side and it began to vibrate noisily in her hand.
And you left the batteries in! That’s a danger to air safety.
The girl looked alarmed.
I’m afraid with three statutory violations you’ve triggered a full cavity search , said Danielle.
A cavity search? I’m afraid so.
If you would like to follow us, said Danielle.
The girl was led into a room at the back of the security area with Phil following. Livesexcams no free no sign up.

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