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Olivia grabbed my hand and squeezed it in hers.
Do we have to do the bar thing? Olivia asked after a moment.
No, I replied.
Do you want to grab a bite to eat? She made a duck-like face, thinking about her choices, I am sure.
What about pizza? Olivia asked.
Pizza sounds good, I replied.
Where do you want to go? Olivia stayed quiet for a few more seconds.
I looked in her direction and then she looked back at me, smiling.
Where to? I asked.
How about your place? Olivia asked.
Her boldness surprised me.
It’s not clean, I said.
Can we not do a restaurant? Olivia was undeterred.
I’m not a pizza restaurant-type, She replied.
I like to eat my pizza lying in bed or watching television, or both.
Fear ran through me at that point.
I had a sink full of dirty dishes, laundry piled in a corner and I hadn’t freshened up the bachelor pad since the Saturday night binge drinking poker party with five of my old college buddies and some of the sales staff team from work.
My place is a wreck, I argued.
I’m not going to check out your place, Olivia shot back, pushing my hand slightly upwards on her bare thigh, and past the raised hemline of her miniskirt.
OK, I said, acquiescing to the obviousness.
I yanked on the steering wheel, sending us into a G-force one type of turn to head to my apartment, slamming Olivia against the passenger door.
Whoa! Olivia called out as I stomped on the gas pedal, launching us into a faster speed down the tree-lined boulevard.
You’ve got a right to party! blared from the car’s radio speakers.
I steered into the parking lot and pushed the button to secure the roof of the Miata as Olivia marveled at the way the roof encircled us.
I love it, Olivia declared, reaching across the center divider and grabbing my hand as the roof clicked into place.
I unfolded myself from the confines of the Miata as Olivia waited for me to open her side of the car.
As she stepped out, I offered her my hand and assistance.
It was at this point that she looked up at me and said, I didn’t realize until now how tall you are.
I hadn’t taken string notice of her height, but it was obviously inflated by her heels. Lady s that work nights.

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