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Again her hand was under my uniform, and again, her tongue tasted of cigars.
This time, I unfastened her trousers and, pushing them down, delighted that she was wearing no undergarments.
It was my turn to invade Miss Cole; two fingers of my right hand slipped easily into her vagina, unnoticed by my amour, my left hand held the device behind her back.
A moment later the vibrating engine passing through her anus, came as a complete shock.
She stood bolt upright and accepted her fate.
I could see, her whole body was in harmony with the timbre of the engine.
She grabbed me and pulled me close, part for support, part for companionship.
Her body stiffened , and she groaned through clenched teeth.
I switched the device off and withdrew it from her anus.
Her ramrod body relaxed.
Nurse Rose, you are a pet aren’t you.
Bring the Old Duch’s device around next Friday evening, I’ll tell you why then, Miss Cole said, hauling up her trousers.
I returned to Herr Doctor’s rooms and I explained that I made the two sales from two visits; then, I explained about the medical examinations.
I drew the coin from my uniform and looked at it for the first time.
It was a sovereign, I stared at it in my hand for a moment, then went to pass it to Herr Doctor.
He waved me away.
You used your own skills as a nurse, I do not own them, I have enough to thank you for, Herr Doctor smiled I am sorry, Frau Elisabeth, but there are more letters from London for you to attend to, he smiled again.
Neither of us was sorry.
I collected two of the vibrating engines, the letters of enquiry to Nurse Rose.
, and with a sovereign in my pocket, I walked the long way home, though well-lit streets.
I paid the butcher’s account, and the grocer’s.
There was bread, meat and cheese for dinner, ribbons for my daughter’s hair, and a little port wine and tobacco for my mother.
That evening I sent letters to the two most likely customers and suggested a visit on Friday.
My first call on the appointed day was a simple one.
The maid was expecting me and, showed me to into her mistress’s chamber.
I described the engine and its operation; she asked if it was clean and, I assured her it was. Hot to look good naked.

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