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Facial wax review.
Very much .
You’re beautiful.
I meant it, I had never seen a woman with such a beautiful body, and now so available to me.
Touch me.
Valerie commanded, again encouraging me to go further than just gaze at her.
My fingertips explored all of her folds, tracing over her pussy lips and gently through the cleft of her opening that was slick with her juice.
Using my thumb and forefinger I opened her slightly, delighting in the way her skin gave way to my touch.
Valerie liked that too, taking her hand away from her groin and moaning at my touch.
She moaned again when I let my finger slowly slip into her.
As I worked my finger in and out of Valerie my face was no more than a foot away from her, getting the best view possible.
I’d never tasted a pussy before and this seemed like the perfect time so I slowly eased my face down to her, extended my tongue and lapped at her pussy lips tentatively.
Oh, that’s nice.
Valerie encouraged as I licked up and down her slit.
I used my fingers to open her as wide as I could and get the tip of my tongue inside.
Valerie tasted good and I continued to experiment, licking slow and then flicking my tongue over her clit like I’d seen on porn movies. Facial wax review.

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