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‘I assumed that you meant Kara was going out,’ Fem finally managed to say.
‘Besides, I thought this morning that she was against what we got up to last night.
’ ‘So it seemed.
That is until I seduced her in the shower about twenty minutes after you left!’ Jayne said taking me in her arms.
I wrapped my arms around my sister’s naked body and we kissed deeply, making a show for Fem, our tongues searching each other’s mouths, while our hands stroked each other’s breasts.
‘God, verdomme! You two look so fucking hot like that!’ Fem exclaimed, in her sexy Dutch accent.
We turned, each holding out an arm to welcome her.
She stepped towards us and the three of us stood there, hands moving over each other’s bodies, as we kissed in turn.
Let me paint you a picture In just a few words Letting my ideas flow Free to be heard My thoughts placed across your heart So that you will always know How very deeply I love you so Tiny whispers of silk Across your skin As I trace the marks Placed by my pen Each stroke becomes a letter Each letter a word The words form our story So ‘twill always be heard A love for the ages Written lovingly by hand The true story Of a woman and a man So now with pen to paper As our story becomes prose Lets now turn the page And see how the story goes… I opened my eyes, the morning after the most fulfilling night of my life, to my brother’s face in profile above me. Desi girl boob exactly osed.

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