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I mumble some sort of thanks, as I feel my dick slowly stop erupting, followed by the tickle of Annie’s tongue licking at my sensitive knob-head, cleaning up any last blobs of spunk.
I’m the last one to report, so Colin just has time to thanks everyone for taking part, before the meeting’s over and the participants hang up, their images flicking off one by one until the big screen is blank.
I breathe a sigh of relief.
Fuck me, but we actually got away with it.
Annie emerges from under the table, clutching her mobile phone and looking slightly disheveled, with several loops of my thick spunk still clinging to her face.
Oh fuck, I can’t believe we just did that , she giggles.
Come on, let’s have a look at the video.
I don’t want Suzi claiming we chickened out at the last minute.
She goes to the video app on her mobile.
The quality is embarrassingly good: there’s Annie, smiling into the lens, then she points it at my erect dick (which looks huge, I’m pleased to note).
Then she leans over and puts it in her mouth, and there’s about 30 seconds of her slurping away before it stops.
Back in real time, my dick’s still semi-erect, and looking at the video is getting me turned on again.
I put my hand down and give my shaft a little squeeze.
Annie notices, and smiles.
God, are you still horny? she asks.
That’s good, ‘cos so am I.
I was getting so turned on down there, my knickers must be soaking.
She leans back against the table and pulls up her skirt.
Come on then, we’ve got the room for another twenty minutes.
Plenty of time for a quickie.
She’s wearing a pair of black lacy panties, and I can indeed see a big damp patch where her juices have soaked in.
I pull them down, and find myself gazing right at her plump mound.
Her pussy is hairless, except for a little tuft of dark hair on the mound itself, and her lips are puffy and glistening with arousal.
She spreads her legs, and I push her back against the table.
My dick’s fully erect again now, and I position it between her legs, teasing her by rubbing the tip up and down her slit.
Then I lunge forward, and my whole length goes right into her cunt.
She squeals with pleasure, then bites her lip, realising that anyone walking past could still hear us. Dating email to email contact 2016 united arab emirates.

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