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Sandy’s heart rate jumped.
After all, she didn’t really have a lot on.
Wanting to appear at ease though she quipped, If I had known we were going to have company so early in the morning I would have gotten up sooner.
She pulled out a chair and sat down.
Charlie quickly decided the shirt was pretty much it – panties maybe – but not much else.
He began talking while continuing his visual examination.
Bob said I should waken you.
He paused.
He wasn’t sure about the panties, but with the movement of her breasts when she talked, and the faint dark outline of her nipples, he was sure she wasn’t wearing a bra.
He continued, But I was concerned about how you might be dressed.
afraid I might be wearing something? Sandy asked with a grin.
When she first sat down, she had kept her bare legs together.
Now she parted them slightly.
Bob didn’t have Sandy’s legs staring him in the face, like Charlie did, but through the glass table-top he was able to see what Sandy had just done.
He still didn’t realize however that Charlie and Sandy were playing a game.
give him a chance, Bob said, thinking his friend needed to be defended, He was just trying to show some respect.
Right, Sandy rebutted playfully, Like he is now, trying to see between my legs, trying to see if I’m wearing panties.
She crossed her legs.
Well are you? Charlie asked.
Am I wearing panties? Sandy snapped, letting her voice rise.
Of course! She jerked her legs apart, exposing the front of her white cotton panties . Cum food sister niece daughter.

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