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Each time she got more and more vocal telling me how much she enjoyed tasting her sex from my cock.
This was going to make me explode if it kept up for any time at all, listening to her moan as she pulled my cock deep inside her.
feeling her pussy tighten around my hardness, pulsing as she squeezed me.
god I wanted to cum.
I let her know I didn’t think I could hold off much longer.
she just smiled at me as she pulled me from her pussy one more time and guided my cock to her mouth.
cum for me”, she told me, placing her lips over the head she began lightly sucking me off.
I watched as she sucked my cockhead just beyond her lips, then back out to just the very tip of my cock, her tongue dancing around the crown.
then sucking me back into her mouth but just past the ridge around the head and her tongue moving all over the velvety smooth skin of my cockhead in her mouth.
The fingers of one hand began rubbing her clitoris while her other hand found my balls and were massaging them as she sucked on my cock.
This was way too much.
I warned her again.
“I’m. Cloud 9 bikini bar.

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