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The whole time, we had our eyes locked on each other.
We were in love with each other already, it was quite unreal to me.
I had my own son on top of me, truly making love to me.
We had a great connection, one I never had felt before, honestly.
He leaned down,.
and kissed me once.
Then he leaned his head down, and started kissing my neck.
Oh, that I like that sweetheart, that tickles, I said.
He laughed a bit and lifted his head up.
He kissed me on the lips, and pretty much everywhere else on my face.
You like kissing me, Travis? I wondered.
Well, you are my mom, don’t you not want me kissing you wherever I want? Travis asked.
I laughed for a few seconds, and put my hands on his butt.
I made sure to spank his ass, just how he spanked mine the night before.
See, I knew you would love spanking me, mom, Travis said.
I know, but you are a sweet man, and you should only be spanked for kinky reasons, I giggled.
He leaned his head down and began licking my nipples.
He made me feel really good.
It was like I had two more g-spots, but they were on my nipples, and he knew exactly where they were. Charmingcleo freewabcam sexy.

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