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This wasn’t the first time I’d done this, but it was an incredible treat whenever I could get two guys to agree to having their dicks rubbing each other inside me.
I love guys who aren’t homophobic! I desperately wanted them both to cum inside me at the same time, but we couldn’t quite make it work.

They stayed buried in me for ten or twelve minutes, then Kevin erupted, and soon fell out of me.
Cameron couldn’t cum in that position, so I sat up on him again, with Kevin’s sperm draining out all over him.
I ground him into me, grabbing his cock with my pussy-muscles, until he finally blew his load up into me too.
Both of them were kind of quiet afterwards, and I wondered if they were worrying about whether it had been ‘gay’ of them, rubbing their dicks together inside me.
I kept telling them they were great in bed, and I loved how cool they were with it.
I think they either let me convince them they weren’t ‘queer’ for doing it, or they just put it out of their minds, like it never happened.
Lyle wanted to fuck me alone, so the other two disappeared somewhere, while I spent the next half-hour letting Lyle ram his fat cock into me – mouth, pussy, and ass.
He was the first of the three to take me in the ass, and the first to come in my ass.
I tried to remember the feel of Lyle’s cock in me from the night of the blizzard, but toward the end of that night, I’d been fucked by so many cocks, and filled with so much cum, even his thick penis may not have seemed so big – especially with Jack there that night.
Jack was incredibly thick too.
I was beginning to drain the guys of sperm, and it was taking longer for them to recover, so while they went to watch some porn, I took a bath.
I was covered with cum, sweat, and the guys’ cologne, and I could hardly wait to soak it all off me.
I wondered if any of the guys had felt my breast-lump when they had their hands all over me.
It was only about the size of a pea at this point, but I pressed my finger into my soft breast tissue beside my nipple, and there it was, wiggling around evasively under my finger, not quite an inch beneath the surface.
I grabbed a hand-mirror off the toilet tank and looked at my nipple, trying to picture where the incision would run, and how it would look after it had healed. Arsene33 sexy live chatte mobil.

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