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My cock grew hard so fast that it almost sprang like a freshly used diving board.
My right hand instinctively slid in my jeans, and grabbed hold of my rock solid dick.
I unbuttoned my pants with my other hand.
I held Sarah’s thong up to my nose.
The intense scent of her made me drool in eager anticipation for what was about to come the next day.
I got woken up by the scratching of my cell phone’s vibration alarm.
I had put it on the wooden top of my bed table.
I was instantly awake.
The vibrations were amplified by the wood in such a manner that it sounded like someone was trying to cut me into slices with a chainsaw.
My burning eyes found it hard to accommodate, or to read the caption saying Ben, my best friend.
Hey man, I yawned into my phone.
Hey dude, you awake? I heard him say.
His voice was hurting in my still tired ears.
Did I wake you up? I mumbled something incomprehensible that sounded similar to: Of course you did, you freak, any idea how early it is? It’s almost noon, sleepyhead, time for you to get up! Cuz I’m going to the hot springs, and you’re coming with me! The sound of these words immediately loosened the knot in my head.
What did you just say? I stumbled.
We’re going to the hot springs! I’ll come to pick you up in an hour! My appointment with Sarah came to my mind.
I don’t know man; it’s just not my cup of tea, I said trying to change his mind.
Of course, you can say no. Adult phone chat lypplane.

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