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I put on a dress and drove over to George’s house.
He lives on the other side of town.
Once I got there, I saw a bunch of cars in George’s driveway.
I assumed the other men were already there.
I got out of my car and walked to his door.
Ding Dong Hey Julie, come in we’re all waiting for you.
You look great so pretty.
I haven’t seen you since back in June.
You have a great tan.
I walked into George’s house and gave him a deep and passionate kiss.
I’ve missed you so much George.
Let me introduce you to the guys.
Matthew this is Julie.

Julie this is Michael.
Hello everybody.
It’s so nice to meet you all.
The men were all different.
George is 6’2 with blond hair and blue eyes.
He has an amazing body and has muscles.
He runs and has very athletic legs.
He has the best smile you’ve ever seen.
George weighs two hundred and ten pounds.
Matthew was a little chubby and had brown hair and brown eyes and he was about 5’10 and maybe two hundred and thirty pounds.
He had a great smile and seemed very friendly.
Michael was gorgeous.
He was 6’3 and weighed about two hundred and fifteen pounds.
Like George he was very muscular.
Michael was bald, with green eyes and had the whitest teeth you’ve ever seen.
Julie let’s all go into the hot tub.
I think we could all start out there.
We all followed George outside and we all got undressed.
We did not put on our bathing suits.
We wore our birthday suits.
I got in first and then the rest of the men slipped in also. Sex chat operator.

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