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Could use it and then put it back without her ever knowing? She felt embarrassed at her own disgraceful thought.
Just maybe tease herself with it.
Her overthinking kicked into gear.
Grabbing the box, she quickly raced to her room, throwing it on the bed before clambering on, letting her towel fall to the floor.
I’ll just deny it.
I will get rid of the toy and completely deny ever seeing it.
Melanie would never suspect boring Alex of stealing a sex toy.
Her mind was made up.
Her hands were quivering as she buzzed the realistic-looking rubber cock to life.
It was big.
It was noisy.
Much noisier than she had thought.
Her heart raced, adrenalin surged through her veins as she opened her legs.
She neared the humming phallus to her clit.
God, it was powerful.
Alternating the speeds, Alex’s pussy seeped.
It seeped quicker than she ever thought was possible.
She knew it was wrong but god it felt right.
Teasing the vibrating head up and down her slit felt divine.
Her dripping honey lathered the rubbery shaft, causing it to glisten.
She continued the glorious tease of her juicy pussy.
Enjoying the sensation of her new smoothness as the rubber merged with her fluids.
She continued to push and rub the head of the imitation cock harder.
She wanted to spill her juice.
Her heels dug hard into the mattress of the bed.
Her back arched.
She was coming.
She was coming harder than she had ever come before.
Her sweet, sticky juice oozed from her folds as she cried out, basking in her glory.
Her hand cupped at her tits, squeezing her nipples as the beautiful explosion erupted from inside of her.
Still riding the high.
She pushed the head against her almost virginal entrance.
She knew it was too big to take.
Despite her continued stream of nectar, she pushed against her tight hole.
It wouldn’t budge.
She shifted her hips, tried to ease it in at different angles.
She wanted to feel it inside of her.
She needed to feel it.
Want a hand with that? Alex jolted and quickly sat upright.
Her cheeks burned as Matt stood before her, grinning as he leaned against the doorframe.
What the fuck? Get out! she screamed, attempting to scramble for anything to hide her modesty. Rapahel amaya nude.

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