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Why are you doing this? Mel is easy.
I want you.
I know Mel is out tonight and I sure as hell knew you’d be alone.
Let me look at you.
Matt tugged the duvet down Alex’s naked body.
Matt, please, Alex weakly protested.
Cupping her cheek in his hand he kissed her again, harder this time.
She felt his tongue invading her mouth.
She couldn’t resist responding.
Their lips crushed together in a breathless kiss.
He pulled the duvet from her body completely and traced his fingertips over her curves as his stubble scuffed her cheek.
He trailed kisses up her neck and nipped her earlobe with his lips.
I want you.
You’ve got me so hard, he moaned in her ear.
Alex’s pussy was throbbing.
He had broken down her barriers.
Feeling vulnerable, exposed but yet so sexy and aroused, Alex lay before him, wearing nothing but fire in her eyes.
She watched mesmerised as he pulled his t-shirt over his head.
Fuck, you look so good, he groaned.
Standing at the side of the bed, he unbuttoned his black jeans, pulling them down and stepping free from them, before sliding down his boxers.
Alex tried to quieten her gasp as his raging cock sprung free.
It was gorgeous.
Circumcised head with a glistening bubble of pre-cum already forming.
Do you want a taste? he asked, standing with his engorged prick in his hand.
Alex felt nervous.
She was so horny but she hadn’t sucked dick before.
What if she didn’t do it right? I haven’t… erm I’ve never… Matt pulled her to the edge of the bed.
Then just circle the head with your tongue.
Fuck, yes like that.
Now open your mouth and suck.
Matt slowly guided Alex’s head down his hard shaft.
Draw your cheeks in, suck it.
Yeah just like that.
She was good.
She followed instructions well.
He picked up the pace, sawing in and out of her mouth, guiding her head further down to see how far she could take him.
Alex gagged on his fleshy taste as he gave short sharp thrusts at the back of her throat.
Fuck, so good! Strings of her saliva were attached to his glistening dick as he pulled it from her mouth.
You’re a good little cocksucker, he snickered.
Now, I want to taste your wet cunt.
Alex groaned, bunching the sheets in her fists as she felt his body move down hers. Old women sex springfield.

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