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So I reached over and got the vibrator from the bedside table.
I had just put new batteries in it, as I had exhausted the last ones several nights before.
Mmmm, the thoughts of my recent experience with Vinny began to enter my mind.
Slowly I moved the now purring vibrator around my nipples.
The sensations seemed to run directly to my clit, and it stirred, became swollen and pulsed.
I played the vibrating end over and around my nipples, making my pussy wait for its eventual turn.
I loved to tease myself, make my pussy wait expectantly for the entry of the long thick pulsing vibrator.
I made a mental note to go to one of the Sex Boutiques and buy a bigger one like the size of my stepson’s gorgeous cock.
I shivered at the thought.
I slid the vibrator down my body slowly, anticipating the touches to my pussy.
I stroked my inner thighs then teased my pussy by moving the vibrating tool along the outer lips of my spread pussy.
I knew if I could see it in the mirror, my pussy would be deep pink now; my inner lips wet and spread slightly showing my pink inner core, and probably a drop of my pussy juice dripping out of my inner core.
I slid the vibrator upward and lightly touched my clit.
“Ohhhhhhh,” I moaned aloud as it sent delicious signals of erotic pleasure throughout my body.
I closed my eyes and played the vibrator up and down my pussy, making the machine pleasure my pussy from bottom to top.
Up and down, over and over.
I know my moans became louder.
I was almost there; my climax was so close.
I opened my eyes, aware that someone else was in the room.
‘Oh my God, was itVinny again? He’s going to think I’m a real pervert!’ But it wasn’t.
I turned my passion filled eyes to the side and saw my beautiful lover Gina standing there watching me.
Gina had on her babydoll nightie on with no panties and had it pulled up, with one hand was obviously rubbing her pussy.
The other hand was cupping her full breast.
Mesmerized, I stopped the movement of the vibrator.
“Ohhh, Vero, please go on! God, this is the most erotic thing I have ever seen.
Please continue.
You are so beautiful and watching you has gotten me so excited. Live sex act band.

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