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I turned in the bed and slid down under Gina.
She moved back to my breasts and caught one and brought it to her mouth and began to suck on the long hard nipple.
My mouth fastened on one of hers, and for the next few minutes, we sucked and kneaded each other’s breasts till our passions flamed even higher.
I kissed Gina’s body as it wriggled slowly on top of me until my mouth was at her sweet pussy.
Gina keeps her pussy beautifully bare like I do.
I slid my tongue out and ran it down the lovely groove till I reached the bottom, and I probed gently and slid into the center of her succulent pussy.
I moaned a little as I tasted Gina’s sweet juices and smelled the heady aroma of her aroused pussy.
I burrowed my face against the hot wet flesh and sucked the hot opening.
I was rewarded by a delicious sip of her pussy juices, and I thought it had never tasted so sweet.
I slid my fingers to Gina’s clit and began to slowly stroke it.

I found it taut and swollen.
Gina was so excited that it only took a few strokes on her aroused clit until she exploded.
I sucked hard on her clit and was rewarded by a flood of pussy juice.
I was amazed by how much of Gina’s pussy shot out into my mouth.
I loved it and sucked harder on the beautiful opening.
Gina moaned and cried out, her voice muffled by my pussy as she buried her face against me.
Gina cried out and then went limp, her explosive climax over.
It was very intense and she lay panting for several minutes while I gently licked her spread pussy, avoiding her sensitive clit.
She began to lick and suck my wet pussy when I suddenly felt the presence of someone else in the room.
I looked up and saw a beautiful hard cock standing at attention above my face.
I looked up at the grinning face of my stepson, Vinny.
He stood silently behind me, completely naked, his cock rigid, and the circumcised head wet with precum.
I smiled up at him with a wicked thought and nodded at him.
I made a motion with my hand for him to wait.
As Gina buried her face against my pussy and was licking and sucking my hot pussy, I reached up and slid my hand to her opened slick pussy.
Slowly I slid two fingers, then three inside her tight pussy. Jim parsons dating.

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