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Gifted charleston needs something sweet to lick.
Kitty fairly vibrated with need.
She gripped Brian’s hand after about an hour of browsing and leaned in to whisper, Daddy, I need to be fucked.
He turned to look at her, and Kitty was sure that he could see her pupils blown wide open by the X she’d taken.
She was needy, achy, hungry for any cock that she could get.
There were men everywhere in the store, and they all stared her down with a mixture of awe and lust.
The straight ones held heavy bulges in their pants, and Kitty salivated at the idea of stroking them, sucking them.
Brian smiled slowly and nodded, then pulled her to the large video section of the store.
This was one of the most well appointed pornography libraries in the region.
There were popular titles along with more obscure films, the newest, raunchiest scenes next to classic Victorian erotica.
Kitty looked around as the neon began to bleed into its surroundings, the colors reaching in to caress her naked nerves with licks of fiery sensation.
Brian led her through the racks and racks of sex made to order, eventually reaching the back of the room, where a roped off hallway led to the private viewing rooms.
There was a well dressed man standing at the head of the hall, and Brian had a whispered conversation during which some cash was exchanged.
The man nodded, sparing Kitty a thorough, hungry once over before drawing the velvet rope aside and letting them through.
They walked toward the last cube on the right side of the hall, passing several other doors. Gifted charleston needs something sweet to lick.

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