Embarrased girl dared to strip outside.

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Embarrased girl dared to strip outside.
I fumble at his pants to find the top fastening.
Again he seems to fight against it; I guess he want his cock in me without any further play.
To encourage him I unclasp my skirt, pull down the zip and let the fabric drop onto his arm.
As he tosses the skirt aside I release his pants and pull them to his ankles.
By moving a foot or two sideways I get him to step out of them and triumph that we are now both naked.
In the well lighted stair well he takes a second or two to admire my shaved pubic area, and mutters a jeeeze, fuck before stepping fully between my legs, taking his cock in his hand and stabbing it in the general direction of my pussy.
I guide it as best I can and eventually the excited guy’s dick penetrates my pussy lips and plunges deep into the lubricated walls.
The tool is not big but it opens up my insides pleasuring as it burrows deeper.
Finally the whole length fills me and after a second it begins to piston the walls of my pussy.
It feels so damned good, each passage of the head opens me wide causing a flow of beautiful pleasure from pussy lips to womb.
All this effort on his part is causing him to become red faced and beads of sweat appear on his brow.
Balancing on one leg I wrap the other around one of his encouraging him to pound that hard, hot meat into me to satisfy my needs.
The feeling of his taut young flesh on mine has me moaning with pleasure.
On one deep and hard plunge I feel the joy of an orgasm build inside me and I say Oh you’re so good, come on honey fuck me hard make me cum over that thick fuck tool.
This does as I want and inspires him to shaft my pussy until a wave of absolute, core deep pleasure sweeps through my wanting body.
Oh fuck yessss, I cry out.
Now faster, cum inside me honey, I add.
From deep within this young guys comes animal grunts as his orgasm approaches.
Then his cock plunges to its limit and twitches then spurts of hot cum splash deep, one, two, three, four, this guy’s balls had stored so much cum for this opportunity.
My needs satisfied I pull away from him and see that his young meat is still hard and wonder if he has another source of my pleasure in him, but then I know I have to get back upstairs and with a sigh I bend and kiss that tool then, pull on my top and skirt urging him to dress quickly. Embarrased girl dared to strip outside.

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