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Dating practices in fiji.
We ordered some sushi and some food and Megan went to look for Irina and Stephanie.
She came back with two shots and sat beside me on the bench and said, C’mon let’s have a drink and celebrate! I smiled and we knocked back the shots.
I jokingly said, What are we celebrating? At my question Megan got a little bit quiet and in a softer voice she told me we were celebrating the fact that she was now officially single.
She told me her boyfriend Scott had decided he needed some space.
She said that while they had not really broken-up, but they were now seeing other people, or at least he was.
Apparently they had been a couple since high school and Scott wanted to experience sex with some other girls.
To cheer Megan up I declared that this deserved a second shot and we did another one.
I ordered a bottle of champagne and proposed a toast to the sexiest single girl in San Jose.
Megan blushed very red this time (partly the effect of the alcohol I think) and we clinked our glasses in a toast.
She leaned warmly against me and brushed my cheeks with her lips in a light kiss.
You’re so sweet John.
We started to eat and after a few minutes Irina arrived.
Megan was not joking that she was hot.
Irina was a tall blond with an incredible slim figure.
She had on a slinky silver dress that hugged her beautiful tall curvy body.
Her long blond hair was thick with beautiful highlights and was pulled back by a large silver hair clip. Dating practices in fiji.

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