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Casual encounters cannobio. Are we really going to talk about my sex life? Geez, I guess so.
I did have a girlfriend a few months ago, but I always get so nervous and awkward around girls that they end up dumping me before we get to do anything.
So, you’re a virgin? She eyed him curiously.
Someone, anyone, just shoot me now and be done with it.
Yeah… That’s embarrassing at my age, huh? Not at all.
I think it’s really cute.
Valerie smiled affectionately at him.
I don’t exactly wanna be looked at as ‘cute’ He sighed.
Then… do you want to see my breasts? She put one hand on them.
W-What!? Bryce almost fell off the couch.
You’ve never seen them before and want to have a little more experience, don’t you? A small smile was on her face.
Holy crap! She’s dead serious.
I hope I don’t go to hell for this… I-Is it really okay? Instead of responding, she smiled wider and took off her blouse, then bra.
Bryce’s eyes virtually doubled as her bare jugs flopped down to her chest, her pink nipples and brownish areoles exposed.
Wow… I hope that’s a good wow this time? She raised one eyebrow.
He nodded at once.
It is! Your breasts are so amazing, Aunt Valerie.
Try touching them.
He gulped and grabbed both of her titties.
They were definitely huge and soft, but like her ass had a nice firmness to them.
Her skin was flawless too, a nice creamy color to it.
As he began squeezing them, he noticed his aunt’s nipples getting harder until they were shooting straight out. Casual encounters cannobio.

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