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I sent my piece directly into the mystery woman from the back.
Her soaking wet pussy walls surrounded me perfectly.
I proceeded by lifting one of her legs on the counter for a different angle and began to stroke, beating her goddess pussy like a slave.
She pulled her head back and laid it on my shoulder for support with her mouth wide open and eyes closed receiving her treatment.
I reached around her body and revealed her left nipple, massaging it firmly to add to her sexual tension.
I switched up my stroke pace to keep her guessing and I could feel my moment coming on.
This mystery woman gave me a feeling so foreign.
It was unlike any that I had ever felt and it sent shock waves throughout my entire body.
I was weak in the knees.
My strokes increased rapidly 4.
Juices began splashing and running down our legs.
Our hands gripped each other tighter.
Our bodies began to shake as our sexual tension, anxiety, and vibes came together as one.
I love her.
Our passion met for a long climax cry as we both released ourselves in an ecstasy unimaginable.
I sent my load as far into her as I could while her pussy began to spasm and tense up around my dick.
We had reached exhaustion, too weak to do anything but breathe.
I opened my eyes.
I peered into the mirror and the reflection back at me was no good.
It hurt.
It displayed devastation.
The reflection that stood lookingbefore me and just as I finished my Windsor knot she said smirking,Oh, and by the way, you’re mine.
She came close and kissed me, then grabbed my tie.
Now bring your sexy ass and buy me a drink, she said while pulling me like a poodle on a leash.
We exited the restroom a new couple while the massive wedding ring lay alone on the counter top.
-Shawn Bronson I was so excited to see what Jeannie and her stepsister had in mind for my visit today.
Jeannie is the hottest MILF on the planet and her stepsister is hot too.
I was so glad Jeannie had moved in across the street from my house.
I was even more glad her husband traveled and left her alone so much.
Since meeting her, I get plenty of sex.
Sex with a MILF is so much better than being with a bunch of young women who just like to tease and please. Blue green spot on vagina.

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