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Even if he got to do no more than this, it was more than he could ever have dreamt would happen in reality.
He had to make the most of this.
Still stimulating her with his mouth, Ben managed to move his arm into position and slide a finger into Gina.
He was gratified to feel that she’d grown wetter since he had his tongue in there.
Mmmm, Gina purred.
Just what a girl needs.
Remembering that the men in the videos he watched always used more than one finger, Ben added a second.
The men were always quite heavy handed too, which he felt was beyond him, but he began moving his fingers as hard as he dared, while keeping up the mouth action.
Gina gave a little moan and to his amazement and delight, her pussy seemed to speak to him.
Instinct, or something, took over.
He pulled his fingers out, only to push his tongue in as far as he could.
Gina gasped.
He pulled his tongue out, the fingers going back in.

He kissed and licked her pussy all over, hardly knowing what he was doing, just overwhelmed with excitement.
Fortunately Gina responded to his enthusiasm with more excited gasps.
He pushed his fingers harder into her, imagining that the sound of moisture was her pussy uttering cries of delight.
His insecurity still lurked at the back of his head.
Should he keep on doing this, or should he attempt more? Would she cum from this, or would she want something more? As far as he could tell, she was as ready for something more as she would ever be, but he had no experience to guide him. Avrorablueeye free live sax.

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