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Very few of the lads needed much correcting.
Once they were sat down again, I turned to them, while Lynn stood gasping helplessly, spread wide and still twitching in ecstasy, her body covered with sweat and her cum-juices running down her legs.
“Next time I come to teach,” I promised them, “we will look at tickling, teasing, and oral sex, both getting and giving.
That is where the male gives the female enjoyment with mouth and tongue, and where the girl gives the male similar enjoyment.
Trust me, you will enjoy that.
” “Will we be trying it out on a girl, Miss?” one asked.
“Yes, you will,” I told them.
“Will it be Lynn again, Miss?” another asked.
“I am not sure yet,” I temporized, seeing Lynn smile and nod at me, “but very probably.
” “I would love to try it out on her,” I heard one boy mutter to his neighbour, “she is the most fuckable teacher I ever saw.
” Just then James entered the room.
“How does the man get enjoyment though,” another queried, “if he is giving the pleasure to the girl?” “That is not easy for me to answer,” I conceded, suddenly inspired, “Mister Wallace, would you mind?” James came over to me and I whispered to him.
He looked surprised, but nodded, smiling at me.
I lay back on the desk, my robe falling open to show my scanty underwear, and James slid my panties from me, as I opened my legs wide.
The boys gasped as the panties were removed, totally hypnotized at the sight of me spread out on the desk, almost naked.
James bent his head, arranged my legs by spreading them wide, then gave a virtuoso demonstration of oral sex that made me scream out loud, and left me quivering and twitching.
He helped me stand, and I kissed him gently in thanks.
“Perhaps you could tell the boys if you enjoyed that,” I asked him, “because I know I damn well did,” the latter part being whispered for his ears only.
I left him trying to put into words what he had experienced, knowing that until the boys had tried it, it was like describing a Beethoven sonata to a deaf man.
Meanwhile, I was releasing my vibe-fucked darling from the rack, and replacing her skirt, her blouse just needing pulling loose and fastening. Rules dating geek.

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