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And I flicked through to try and find the dirty bits, but even they weren’t up to much.
They didn’t get me going, anyway.
And you see all these people reading it on the tube, and none of them look turned on or anything, so what’s the point? Alan laughed.
So you expect them to start fiddling with themselves with you watching? he said.
Well, you’d think they’d at least look a bit flushed! I said.
Is it just that you don’t fancy getting tied up? asked Sue.
Some people seem to like that sort of thing.
Reading that rubbish didn’t make it sound much fun, I grumbled.
I’m sure that woman’s never tried it – she certainly can’t write about it.
And for god’s sake, there’s three whole books of the bloody stuff! Well, she’s done well enough out of it, said Sue. Outlook name cache not updating.

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