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The winter break wasn’t too tough as we were both tied up with family obligations.
At spring break, neither of us went anywhere.
I had inventory at the bookstore and he had to do something for his family.
Every night we went out ended in much the same way, lots of kissing and top of clothes touching, but we never went any further.
The summer break aided in preserving my virginity since Dwight left for a month on a preplanned vacation with his family that included his cousin’s wedding.
As much as I wanted to join him, it wasn’t an option.
The night before he left, Dwight got his hand into my jeans and made me cum hard simply by touching my pussy and clit through my panties.
I spent the summer reliving that night in my bedroom using my own hand and fingers, with my face buried in my pillow so my mom wouldn’t hear me moan.
With the start of the fall semester, Dwight and I had one class together which sucked.
I was pretty head over heels in love with him and the hope of us having more than one class was quickly lost.
Dwight had already taken all the classes I needed, except the one we were in. Korean live cam.

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