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Felix the Cat has nothing on me.
And when did you ever see him? All the time as a girl.
He travels well to other cultures, you know.
We laughed and she poured us a small glass each.
After she handed me mine, she sat down again and looked down at her glass for a minute.
So anyway, Sally said she knew something was off from the very beginning.
She said you always teased her about all the old mysteries she used to read.
It was just like them, she said, if a bunch of old British farts had known computers and were allowed to write about sex.
Too many coincidences.
She said, and I quote, ‘Believe me, you don’t have a foursome that easily unless someone’s rigging it.
’ I chuckled and she smiled and continued, So…I don’t understand all the details, but the long and short of it is that Phil hated you so much that he got his latest cheap slut Mary to help him fake your lab data.
At least twice he did that right after he left us, because he knew we’d be preoccupied for a while, I think; went back to the lab and tried to break into your account.
Apparently some illegal key tracker recorded it with time stamps and everything, so yay for breaking the law.
And Mary in the bar, that was a pure set-up.
While she took on the two of us, he got your computer scoped out for her, and while he was using us, she installed some software on your laptop and through it into your account at school.
Because we all leave that on, right? Then she waited until we were all dozing to shut off your computer and retrieve her stuff.
I think if you had gotten up ten minutes earlier you’d have caught her.
After sipping some more, she sat back and said, Apparently Mary is really good at bad things, as well as really good at bed things.
I groaned and she smiled, Yeah, I know.
Sally loves atrocious puns, doesn’t she? After another sip, she continued, But Sally had supervised her work before and recognized a few traces she left.
And she was able to access…oh, something.
That computer system makes no damn sense to me.
Anyway, she was able to track most of it down, enough to get a court order with the generous and happy assistance of the university to seize their computers and get every last piece of evidence she needed. Kittybabe fling cam.

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