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But you can’t deny that there’s a smell in here – there’s a definite bum whiff coming from your arse being fucked, Scott.
” Ricky chuckled: he didn’t seem at all annoyed by what Jason had said.
He said, “I’ve got to agree with you there, mate.
But that’s a smell I love!” He paused and inhaled deeply from right above where his cock was lodged between my splayed cheeks.
“Oh yeah,” he gasped appreciatively.
“That’s the smell of me banging my future hubby and I fucking love it!” I smiled back at him as he grabbed me by the hips and started fucking me much more quickly and forcefully.
He laughed over at Jason, enjoying showing off his sexual prowess using the backside of his decade-long partner, and I realised that with his exertions he was deliberately making the smell of our sex much more intense.
“If you don’t like it,” Ricky gasped, “if it really is so offensive to you, you know where the door is!” Jason laughed back.
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