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We both erupted in wonderful orgasms and collapsed in a heap, Brian on top, still moving, keeping my pussy happy, now full of his cum for the first time in a long, long time.
I turned over and we kissed like young lovers, maybe we were, yes, maybe we were.
It was a lovely night, we stayed naked and kept waking each other off and on, just enjoying our new sexuality.
A couple of nights later, laying in each other’s arms after a wonderful evening of sex , Brian asked me,”You know, I’ve wondered if you ever did anything with that guy who hit on you the night you were out with your friend.
If something did happen, you can tell me, I won’t get mad.
I can understand why you would have had sex with him.
He’s half your age, right?” “Yes, just about thirty, twenty-eight, to be exact.
Well, he was sure tempting.
” “Okay, and did you yield to the temptation? You know, I really hope you did, Debby, a guy half your age.
You do look good.
I know I’m sure enjoying fucking you again.
Was it good?” “Now, Brian, why are you assuming I did anything?” “I sure would have. Free pornstar pictues.

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