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Dominant black female looking for single haarlem sub. I was smiling at my thoughts and memories of Belinda as I pulled into the kerb near to my flat and waited while the car already parked there, pulled out into the road.
The driver acknowledged me with a polite wave of his hand and I froze, my blood ran cold as I saw the wizened old man settling into the back seat, a smile on his face! Mum was still drunk and wearing just a very short wrap around robe.
“Tommy!” she slurred and wrapped herself around me, “Perfect timing baby,” she ground herself into me and pressed her mouth onto mine.
“Take me to bed Tommy and fuck me.
” “You’re drunk mum,” I said and pulled her arms from around my neck.
She giggled, “I know baby and I’m fucking horny too, come to bed and fuck me while I tell you about Brenda and me.
” “Brenda?” I had to turn away from her, the stench of stale booze and tobacco was very unpleasant.
“Yes Brenda, you remember!” “Yeah I remember her all right, go to bed mum, you need to sleep it off.
” She shrugged the robe off and sat back on the sofa, parting her legs, she opened the lips of her cunt and pushed two fingers inside herself.
“You wouldn’t believe what she did to me, Tommy.
” She began to fuck herself frantically and I heard the door open behind me as Jill walked in and gasped.
She had her long overcoat on to hide the black rubber outfit, but she was completely sober and well groomed, she’d obviously had a shower after leaving whoever’s bed she’d slept in! “Jill!” mum squealed, “Come on let’s have some fucking fun, come on what’s wrong with you, don’t you fucking want me?” “She’s out of it Tommy” Jill put a hand on my shoulder, “Leave it, Tommy, I’ll see to her” She leaned down and eased mum’s hand from between her thighs, “Come on Polly, you’re pissed baby, come on let me take you to bed, you’ll feel better when you wake up.
” Suddenly mum sat up and lashed out at her, “I’ll go to bed when I want to go to fucking bed, fuck off, go on, fuck off the pair of you, look at you, you think you’re so fucking good don’t you, just because you’ve got money.
” Her eyes began to roll, just as mine began to water.
Jill ignored her flailing arms and even allowed mum’s fists to rain blows on her back as she heaved her to her feet, “Come on Polly, don’t fight me, darling, please, come to bed with me, I want you, Polly, I need your mouth on my cunt.
” Mum giggled and allowed herself to be led into the bedroom, “See, I don’t need you, mister fucking big businessman, I’ve got my woman, I’ve got my own little slut haven’t I Jill?” “Yes darling, of course, you have,” Jill said quietly and slapped her hard on the side of her face. Dominant black female looking for single haarlem sub.

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