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I loved her and I’ve always loved sex with her but somehow being able to watch her perform and being taken like this drove me wild with more passion then I’ve felt for years.
I wanted her like never before, but tonight, I would have to wait my turn even though I was her husband.
Sean apparently couldn’t wait any longer and grabbed her hips and thrust her down on him finally driving all of his cock inside her.

I heard her cry out, “Damn, oh yes, oh my God, oh Sean, oh Sean.
” Finally, the firm cheeks of her sexy ass touched his thighs, she had done it.
This magnificent cock was now all the way in her.
She had taken it all and it was now time to fuck each other.
I heard the front door open followed by the sound of her keys fall into the bowl by the door.
A slight tremble ran through my body.
I had been worked up all day and all I could think about was having her hands on me, but I was nervous.
This morning before she left, she made sure I was a needy mess, waking me with her tongue.
She was licking me slowly, almost lazily, like she had all the time in the world. Deutsch hart gefickt.

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