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Dating agengies.
An introverts worst fear is the spotlight.
Breathing easier at the opposite end of the boat, I enter the sleeping quarters, stopping in front of Elizabeth’s suite.
It’s silent inside, even after I knock.
Conjuring the audacity to enter a room uninvited, I twist the knob and peek through.
Elizabeth is perched on the bed, looking out the porthole into the black ocean.
As I stare at her and she stares at the water, the boat continues its endless rhythm, the dim overhead light occasionally flickering.
Why’d you choose whales? she quietly asks.
Taking the question as an invitation, I step inside, shutting the door at my back.
Because… the first time I saw one was the first time I ever felt… wonder.
That catches her attention.
Whatever it is that has driven us here is kindred.
I look at Elizabeth and I know her, a face that tells a story, a heart that wants change.
We both found a purpose –the same purpose– and maybe we’re not saving the world, but at least we’re saving something.
We exchange this knowledge with a look — understand one another better than anyone else ever could. Dating agengies.

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