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Oh, but me and my mom would.
Well her, definitely.
You…, I picked up one of the pairs of panties on the table next to us and held it up to her hips.
She smacked my hands away from her before trying to hit me.
What are you doing? Now that you mentioned you in porn, I was trying to figure that out.
I held the panties back up to her and imagined her in them.
You’d look hot in these.
It perfectly contrasts with your light brown skin tone.
She snatched the panties out of my hand and looked them over.
I’ll see about that.
She walked over to the dressing rooms and put the panties on.
I signaled to my friends that I found something else to do and followed her to the rooms.
She was closing the door just as I got over to the little bench in front of the dressing rooms.
After about two minutes, she stepped out in the little panties and looked amazing.
You’re right, I can rock these.
I’d like to rock that, pointing at her body.
Never happening, my parents would kill me.
I walked over to her and put my hands on her hips.
Her body was just as soft as I thought it would be, but actually touching nearly made me cum right then and there.
She could tell how excited I got touching her, so she bumped her hips against my crotch to further the tease.
Unfortunately for her, my dick was rock hard so when she bumped into me, she got to feel how big I am.
Oh, my god, I did not mean to feel that.
Yeah, but you did.
So I think it’s only fair… I slid my right hand across her body and down to the front of her panties.
I leaned over and kissed her to muffle the moan as I ran my hand down over her pussy.
She gasped in my mouth and curled her leg around me a little as my one touch turned into a persistent rubbing.
Our kissing got more intense as she slowly moved us back into her dressing room.
She sat me down on the little bench in the room and licked her lips at me while playing with the band of her panties.
There’s a wet spot on them now, I think you’re going to have to buy those.
You put the wet spot there, you buy them, she snickered back at me.
After some more panty play, she sat in my lap and continued kissing me while undoing my pants. Black oorn.

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