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It’s really nice to see you, I responded.
He seemed to completely ignore me as he pulled his purple t-shirt off uncovering his hunky torso.
His muscles seemed to be harder than stone as he stood there topless.
It’s nice to see you dressed up for the occasion, he laughed again.
He then started to pull his jeans off, revealing that he had no pants on underneath.
His cock was already hard at the sight of my body in provocative clothing.
Knowing that this was going to be straight forward, I undid my corset and pulled my panties down leaving just my stockings on my body.
Okay, let’s get to it.
He said as he lied down on the couch.
I climbed on top of him in the sixty nine position and began to suck his cock as he buried his face between my thighs.
My mouth plunged down his length whilst his tongue tickled my clitoris.
We both breathed heavily as we pleased one another at the same time.
As he spread my lips, I felt his tongue enter my hole and in reaction I pushed my head down as far as possible, making his cock hit my throat.
For a few seconds I held his cock there before I pulled back up to gather my breath.
I then began to bob my head once more as I ground my pussy against his face.
In response he started to slowly thrust his hips up so that his cock gently fucked my mouth whilst he ate my pussy.
I moaned loudly on his cock as his tongue brushed against my g-spot.
Enjoying the sound of my muffled moan, he continued to lash his tongue at it making me moan more and more with delight. Black man webcam on line free.

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