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Arap hot girl bedava. However, sleep is not brought relaxation.

Rather, because of the obvious inconvenience boy tormented by nightmares all night and in the morning was angry. He got out of bed and went down to the first floor, where there was a kitchen.

- Good morning – his mother said, relax immediately.
- Good.

- Today should come Auntie Asya and daughter – the woman said.
- I am happy – guy mumbled, his whole appearance indicating that he do not care for it.

- What’s the matter?
- Not enough sleep.
- Why?

- Mosquitoes got – he went to the table and fished out a breadbox Gingerbread.
- Turned to the fumigator.

- He broke down yesterday, have to go to town.
- That’s great, at the same time meet Aunt Asya.
- Well, – he said, and went to wash.

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