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Johnson, she replied.
You can simply call me ‘Sam’, I shot back.
There’s no need to be formal with me.
She smiled and nodded her head, as I disappeared back into my office.
I had two executive sales summary reports to complete and set about to data dump our individual sales dates by product line on to a computer spreadsheet.
I added the summary feature, but when things didn’t add up, I let out an angry epithet.
Olivia appeared in my office doorway.
Is everything OK? she asked.
I hate these freaking spreadsheets, I angrily remarked.
Is there something I can do to help? Olivia asked.
I appreciated her offer to help, but I didn’t really have the time to try and explain the complexities of what I was trying to accomplish.
I had a self-imposed deadline and I was bumping up against the timeline to get things accomplished.
I’ve got spreadsheet experience, Olivia proffered from the doorway.
Just show me what you want done and I can do it for you.
I am trying to graph Continue reading →

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As he stepped out of his shorts, she returned what he did, only a little lower and kissed his cock.
Then he sits, and she has to lay over his knee.
John sat on the rocks, though a little lower this time, so Jane was able to rest her knees on the sand.
Then, lifting Jane’s skirt over her bum, he starts to rub.
He takes time, rubbing each, in turn, rubbing harder and harder.
He rubs until her bum is starting to warm up.
John lifted his hand after he felt Jane’s bum was getting warm and spanked her on one of her cheeks.
He felt a surge of blood to his cock at the same time it rushed to his hand.
Ouch! You didn’t warn me! Oh, sorry, then he spanks one cheek, he said, bringing his hand down on her other cheek.
He felt another surge and his cock pushed against Jane’s belly.
She is supposed to count, and he struck again.
Three, Jane said.
When Jane counted to ten John reached between her legs and stroked down her pussy to her clitoris, then turned his finger on it, then stroked upwards.
Jane moaned and shuddered.
Every so often he checks how Lisa is enjoying it.
He struck again, One! Before carrying on.
By the time Jane reached ten again, her bum was not sore, maybe a little more sensitive, but she could feel herself getting more and more aroused.
Then John repeated Continue reading →

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Some people say she is a Christina Applegate look-alike, I don’t see it.
She turns most heads, females included, I’m sure many thinking, ‘What’s she doing with him?’.
After a couple of years with her, I started inadvertently planting seeds in her head in the form of fantasies, of her being taken by multiple guys at once, while I watched.
Well, in the last year or so she has started to mention these fantasies while we are fucking, and I can tell it really arouses her, and me in turn.
So I decided to actually do something about this about a month ago, and the plan came to fruition less than two weeks ago and this is that story: Trying to think of where I could find horny and wild young men, spring break occurred to me. Ballet Continue reading →

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As he grasped his shriveling cock in his ice-cold hand, he watched his wife walk towards him in her blue and white halter-top sundress, her sandals clicking on the vinyl floor tiles, her natural light blond hair brushing her bare tanned shoulders.
Too late he realized that the video was still running, and now, on the screen, in full color, the woman had pulled the thong to one side so that her slave could lick her flesh directly.
Her dark-pink and tan labia glistened wide open and now there was a big close up on the gold ring in her clit, wet with saliva and pussy juice.
Alana stared at the screen and exclaimed loudly, Pure filth! Pure filth is what you’re watching.
You’re sick, Brandon! I feel sorry for you! She turned and ran out of the room, her steps loud on the stairs down to the first floor.
His hands were shaking as he pulled up his briefs, zipped his jeans, and tried to buckle his belt.
By the time he got downstairs, Alana had disappeared.
He got himself a beer from the fridge.
When she returned, several hours later, he was completely drunk.
Without even looking at him, Alana went up to his office.
He heard her opening and closing drawers.
She came down, went into the bedroom, and closed the door.
Brandon heard the latch being locked from inside.
When he woke up in the guest bedroom next morning, still fully clothed, he went to his office.
As he feared, all the hard drives had disappeared.
Alana, who knew the master password for the computer, had apparently changed it.
He couldn’t log on at all.
Hearing Alana down in the kitchen, he went down, feeling defeated, ashamed, and full of foreboding.
It looked as if Alana hadn’t slept well at all.
Her eyes were red—she’d been crying—and her hair disheveled.
She looked at him without saying anything while he poured himself a coffee.
I’m sorry, honey.
I don’t know what to say.
Whatever you want, I’ll do.
I just want it to be like before.
Like before? No, absolutely not! she said.
It has got to be different, got to be better.
You’re not going off to jerk yourself behind my back, looking at that porn.
I’ll think Continue reading →

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I met her at a bar.
A couple of the guys took me out after the game to celebrate my first win in the bigs.
I think maybe there were five of us, but my memory is spotty.
I have definite memories of Buster Brown and George Graham, the catcher who caught me that day being there.
I had too much to drink, of course.
I wasn’t used to drinking, and I was falling asleep at the table when she came over.
She looked about six feet tall, and probably was in the heels she was wearing that day.
Barefoot she’s about five eight or so, a good six inches shorter than me.
She laid her hands palm down on the table and leaned forward enough for us to catch a glimpse down her dress at her beautiful breasts.
She was an alabaster beauty.
That term used to get thrown around a lot to describe women in my day, but she was looked like she’d been carved out of the stuff.
She had perfect titties.
I told her so.
The guys at the table with me laughed.
One of them told her that she’d have to overlook me because I’d just fallen off the turnip truck earlier that day.
She smiled and said I was cute.
We bantered back and forth a bit, and she asked if I’d walk her home.
I wasn’t even sure I could walk, but I told her I was game if she was Continue reading →

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I put on a dress and drove over to George’s house.
He lives on the other side of town.
Once I got there, I saw a bunch of cars in George’s driveway.
I assumed the other men were already there.
I got out of my car and walked to his door.
Ding Dong Hey Julie, come in we’re all waiting for you.
You look great so pretty.
I haven’t seen you since back in June.
You have a great tan.
I walked into George’s house and gave him a deep and passionate kiss.
I’ve missed you so much George.
Let me introduce you to the guys.
Matthew this is Julie.
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I decided to wheel out my Harley and give it a good wash, since I hadn’t had a chance to wash it for a couple of weeks because of the move.
After an hour, when I was nearly done, I heard that rumble from across the street again.
Turning quickly, I watched the guy ride the Fatboy down the driveway, stopping just before the sidewalk.
He shut it off, dropped the stand and returned to the house to drag out his own garden hose.
As I watched, I was surprised by how young he looked to own such a great bike.
‘Man oh man, kids these days,’ I thought.
I couldn’t afford my first bike until I was 25
and here he was with a nice Fatboy, too.
Must be nice to have rich parents who can make your dreams come true with their checkbook.
I put my bike underneath the shade of a huge oak tree in my front yard and heard him call out from across the street.
“Nice bike.
That a new one?” “Yeah,” I called back, “I’ve only had this one for a month or so.
You’ve got a nice ride there too.
” “Thanks,” he said with a wave, “the name’s Mike,” and continued to clean his machine.
“I’m Jon
maybe we can go for a ride sometime?” “That’d be cool, but after this I’ll be working downtown at the McDonald’s.
Maybe another time.
” I went in to take a shower, thinking that at least he’s working for spending money and not completely mooching off his folks.
I decided to take my bike out for a quick spin around town before working on the rest of the full boxes inside.
As I dug out my Continue reading →

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  I watch the sun fall behind the horizon; the burning star changing its hue of orange to almost tangerine.
The clouds were darkening, obliterating the sun as the day gave way to the night; as darkness claims its throne.
The inevitable change in nature, yet a cosmic power to preserve the balance in the fabrics of space and time.
Standing on the grey porcelain tiles of our balcony, still, a prisoner to the distant memory, the image of our holy union at the chapel of St.
Martha flashes before me.
‘I, Charlotte, promise you, Louis, to love you, honour you, and cherish you as my husband.
I promise peace when times are tumultuous, laughter in sadness, and always to be a light in Continue reading →

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Her juices started to pour out of her pussy.
I was drinking her cunt juices up.
Her pussy was like spun sugar and vinegar.
It was sweet and tart.
Just like her.
This chick was a really sexy slut.
Frank, you lick pussy like a champ.
My girlfriends are not nearly as skilled as you.
Thank you so much.
That was fucking amazing, she said, panting.
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