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Why are you doing this? Mel is easy.
I want you.
I know Mel is out tonight and I sure as hell knew you’d be alone.
Let me look at you.
Matt tugged the duvet down Alex’s naked body.
Matt, please, Alex weakly protested.
Cupping her cheek in his hand he kissed her again, harder this time.
She felt his tongue invading her mouth.
She couldn’t resist responding.
Their lips crushed together in a breathless kiss.
He pulled the duvet from her body completely and traced his fingertips over her curves as his stubble scuffed her cheek.
He trailed kisses up her neck and nipped her earlobe with his lips.
I want you.
You’ve got me so hard, he moaned in her ear.
Alex’s pussy was throbbing.
He had broken down her barriers.
Feeling vulnerable, exposed but yet so sexy and aroused, Alex lay before him, wearing nothing but fire in her eyes.
She watched mesmerised as he pulled his t-shirt over his head.
Fuck, you look so good, he Continue reading →

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For a moment, our eyes locked and I felt a deep blush stain my cheeks before I forced myself to look away.
I… can’t, I said, struggling to speak.
You can’t….
or you won’t? I sighed deeply.
I can’t.
I looked across the dark poolside bar, my eyes scanning for the lounge sofa that I’d left Scott on.
I could see him still sitting there.
His head was titled downwards and I realized he had nodded off to sleep Continue reading →

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Dori was a tall statuesque blonde with shoulder length hair, green eyes.
She had the cutest breasts and nipples I had ever seen.
Her vulva was shaven bare.
And she had the type of long sexy legs I always envied.
She may have been the most beautiful creature I had ever seen.
Richard, the male half of he couple was a strikingly attractive black man, who stood well over six feet tall.
He had a marvelous physique.
He reminded me of Denzel Washington with his strong, handsome face.
But what was most striking was his penis.
Flaccid, it appeared to Continue reading →

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He was pulling my hips tight up to his body as I felt his cock jerking inside me as he shot his load, me wishing that I had another cock in my mouth to come at the same time.
To be filled at both ends would be then a proper climax to being fucked.
His grunting came to an end as he breathed heavily and leaned over my bent body and I could feel a few odd drops of his sweat land on my back, his cock still throbbing away inside me.
I was almost in tears as I felt him move and begin to slide out of me.
I used my inside muscle to try and grip him, to hold him there, to keep him there, wishing that he could last a bit longer.
But I felt myself expand that little bit more as the head of his lovely cock finally slipped out and I gave out a cry at the loss and the cool air wafting round my shrinking ring.
But there was still some more pleasure to be had as I quickly turned round as he sat back on his heels Continue reading →

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He pulled it down and I held the shoulders so it didn’t fall down right away.
I turned around and looked into his eyes.
His eyes were busy studying my body, eager to see the dress fall.
I debated grabbing my handbag and running out the room.
Part of me really thought about it.
Wait for the right guy.
It wasn’t him.
However, the other part of me wanted to get it over with.
See what it was all about.
Wanted him to be my first.
That side won.
Here goes nothing.
I slid it off my shoulders and it fell to my feet.
I stood in front of him wearing not much.
His eyes explored me, examined my curves.
I’m nowhere near skinny like his ex-girlfriend.
But we did have something else in common.
His eyes focused in on my over developed chest. Woman pants breda sugarbaby date Continue reading →

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I walked up to you, and as you turned around I took you in my arms, and kissed you gently on the lips.
I brushed my lips gently against your neck, and nibbled your left ear lobe.
I remember that little bite on your chin that had you melting into my arms.
What are you working on? I asked.
It’s a Continue reading →

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Both of your children shall be admitted tomorrow.
My wife was unable to believe this.
We had spent several days trying to persuade all the authorities including the director of the institution to accept our children with just one stern answer, Sorry sir / madam, we do not accept children mid-term.
Here was our neighbor who made just one or two calls for maybe fifteen minutes and got the Yes for admission? My wife Sumi was overwhelmed.
She had given up all the hopes of our children getting admission into that prestigious school.
She was so swept away emotionally by the Brigadier’s gesture that she instinctively held his hands in her hands and said, Sir, I cannot tell you how grateful I and my husband are for your wonderful assistance.
We were so depressed and disappointed at not being able to get the children admitted in that school.
Just call me Prem dear.
I am Prem Continue reading →

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At least you hope.
But from what I’ve been told they don’t have much free time and I trust my daughter.
When she’s sixteen my wife will take her in for some birth control for two reasons.
The obvious one, and the fact she gets really painful cramps and is as irregular as a pack of socks from an outlet store.
Hailey giggled.
I can sympathize.
That’s how I was.
Another reason I got blamed for Tim.
Would you like to go swimming or take another hike? Well, Mom did warn about swimming right after eating so how about another hike? Rick chuckled.
You know that’s an old wives tale.
Well, my mom is an old wife.
Rick laughed and stood up.
He helped Hailey to her feet and they took a second hike that led them around different parts of the cove.
When they returned, they decided to go swimming.
Hailey was a bit nervous to let Rick see her in her bathing suit, but knew it covered what needed to be covered.
She stripped down and ran into the water.
It felt cool and refreshing over her warm skin.
She looked around but didn’t see Rick anywhere.
She began to wonder if he had vanished or drowned when she felt something grab her ankle and pull her under the water.
She dipped under a few inches then was released.
She popped up and Rick appeared next to her.
Did I scare you? he asked.
A bit.
I only wanted to play.
Hailey splashed him then swam away.
It took Rick a moment to catch up with her.
The two played and splashed for a while, then returned to the beach.
Rick fixed them a second sandwich while Hailey lay out in the sun on her towel.
Here, let’s eat.
Thanks, said Hailey as she sat up as they ate the sandwiches, finished the chips and soda.
Hailey couldn’t remember a nicer day or outing with a man and found she really liked Rick.
After they ate, they sat out in the sun, walked around the Continue reading →

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She sported a short mini skirt with a side slit that allowed her to show off her long and slender legs and upper thigh.
Her shirt was a button-down type with the top two buttons casually unfastened, allowing for a glimpse of her cleavage, which was very easily accentuated since her shirt was probably a size too small and fit very snugly.
Whenever she would shift in her seat, the openings between buttons made it painfully obvious that she had assets that would cause any guy to salivate.
She didn’t have on pantyhose and sported some very sexy looking six-inch black stiletto pumps.
I watched from my office as she made her way to the office copy machine and the back to her desk.
My, oh my! She was what some of the office guys referred to as easy on the eyes.
Olivia was new to her job as an office assistant.
I quickly scanned her hand for a wedding band and not seeing one, I decided to try and make a play.
We had already been introduced to each other, but only casually so by our human resources manager on the day Olivia was hired, just a few days prior.
Hey, I casually greeted her as I walked by her workstation.
Hey, Olivia responded back, looking in my direction as I walked by her workstation.
She batted her oval eyes, as she smiled at me.
I forgot your name, she said softly.
Sam, I replied.
Sam Johnson.
Tell me again what you do, she said.
I am the sales manager, I replied.
Oh yeah, she replied.
I remember you now.
I wanted to ask out to lunch, but her stark beauty distracted me so much so, that I lost every decent thought possible.
We’re going to have chat, I said.
The words simply fell out of my mouth, before I knew what was going on.
Sure, she replied, waving back an errant strand of her long black hair.
Just tell me when, she added, proffering Continue reading →