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However, as the beers flowed, it didn’t take Mandy long to revert back to what was quite clearly her favourite subject, sex.
I remember when I lost my virginity, Mandy said.
In Simon’s eye, Mandy had needlessly decided to confide him again.
I was like a tube of Pringles, Mandy continued.
Once I was popped, I couldn’t stop.
I used to keep count of how many people I had fucked but decided to stop when I reached a hundred and twenty eight, she laughed.
Do you think that’s slutty of me? she asked Simon, twirling her hair around her fingers looking all coquettish.
Simon shook his head, No, not really.
Mandy drained the last of her beer from the bottle, You’re just being kind.
Simon by now was feeling slightly pissed and he felt a burst of Dutch courage, I think it’s horny when women know what they want.
Mandy nodded knowingly, You’re right and I bet your French teacher knows exactly what she wants too.
Into Simon’s mind popped an image of Miss Duval with her prominent features and cropped dark hair.
He’d once watched a porno and the star of the show had looked just like her.
Simon had watched the film over and over again wanking until he was sure he was going to draw blood.
I bet she fantasizes about fucking you,” Mandy’s eyes looked into his intently before running them across his body and back again to his face.
Not that I am saying I’d fantasise about you in the aunt/nephew capacity, of course.
That would just be weird.
I reckon you should have a go at seeing where you stand with your French teacher, to be honest.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained and all that.
Mandy stretched her arms above her head and let out a yawn.
God, I am knackered, I think I’ll hit the sack.
She stood up a little unsteady on her feet, I am a bit pissed.
Walking over to Simon, she ruffled his hair affectionately, Night.
Night, Simon replied and watched her as she left the room, her hips swinging from side to side.
That night Simon found it hard to sleep.
He couldn’t stop thinking about his conversations with Mandy and then his mind was flooded with images of Miss Duval.
He could see her dressed in her black suit and imagined bending her over the desk in front of him, inching up her tight pencil skirt to reveal her stockings and suspenders. Brandon boyd dating.

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