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And I never tire of the orgasms.
It’s like I’m catching up for years of deprivation with Carl.
June makes fun of me for my sexual naiveté.
Two nights ago, she used the dildo on me to help me cum from the g-spot.
Apparently, orgasms from your clit is different than orgasms from the g-spot.
I’d never cum from g-spot stimulation.
At first I thought something was wrong, like I had to go to the bathroom, but June helped me relax and it was different than my clit.
If my clit is like thunder booming through my body, than the g-spot is like being the thunder itself.
I roll over and find June snuggled against me.
We’ve almost done away with blankets and modesty entirely.
I like to wear clothes to be comfortable, but unless she’s going to work or returning from work, June prefers to be nude always.
I don’t mind.
But my eyes go straight to her breasts and don’t look away.
When did her breasts become so … erotic? I’d seen girls naked before.
I’ve been in a changing room backstage at a play or in a locker room at a gym.
Boobs are a part of life; you’re going to see them.
But this is something new.
I see her breasts, and all I can do is imagine touching them, holding them, squeezing them, licking them, biting them, tasting them.
They are different than a shoulder or a stomach.
They aren’t simply beautiful; they’re mesmerizing.
I feel heat running through my body, down my stomach and up my thighs to my crotch.
“I can smell your hunger, purrs June without opening her eyes.
I love your tits, I mumble.
June sits up, and I get a better look at them.
They’re perfect.
Like … apples.
Small, but they look delicious.
Oh really? she says, arching an eyebrow.
You’ve never shown much interest in them before.
She’s right.
I love kissing her.
I love when she eats me out.
But who wouldn’t? She’s a great kisser.
And her tongue is better than any vibrator I’ve ever owned.
Sleeping with her is different than being attracted to her.
But now … How very stupid of me, I whisper.
I lean in close to her chest.
She wraps her hand around the back of my neck and guides me to her nipples.
I let my mouth hover over it, marveling at how beautiful they are. Validating phone numbers in.

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