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Tinder date next morning.
It transpired into a make out session before he helped me take off my clothes.
I was completely nude, sitting on his car with only the warm sun shining down on me and the lake noises in the background.
He had me lay down on the hood and spread my legs.
He went down and licked my pussy like he was auditioning for a pie eating contest.
His tongue moved and vibrated the right areas.
He blew his warm breath on my clit before latching on to my low hanging labia.
Chris slid two fingers in and out of my pussy while he continued to lick all around.
When he finally sucked firmly on my love button, I cried out in orgasm.
Aaughhh, yes! Right there! Yeeesss! I moaned.
I was cumming on Chris’s face and the car but I could tell he didn’t mind.
Now it was my turn to recover as I held my legs up while he took off all his clothes, except for his shoes.
He stood up on the bumper and slapped his dick on my puffy pussy lips.
Putting his knees against the grill, he stuffed his member inside me.
While holding me by my calves, Chris began to thrust.
We were finally fucking and out in the great outdoors, nonetheless. Tinder date next morning.

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