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Like I had thought, the shorts were so tight they were a second skin.
She was clever with her blouse, it was very loose, making it hard to see her body in a defined way, it even covered part of the shorts.
I got her to turn and show off a bit for me.
I could not resist smacking her ass, both cheeks, fairly hard.
She squealed, but did not complain or pull away.
There was more to her sexual appetite than she was letting on.
I fondled the camel-toe created by the tight constriction of her shorts, no resistance there either, until I think it got to be too much for her.
She readily sat, legs spread, in my lap, facing me.
In that position, we drank, ate, talked, and I took advantage to play with her some, wanting desperately to really stimulate her tits, but holding back because I knew she would jump up—I was slow and gentle.
I guess she finally had all she could take.
She jumped up, saying she had to go get things ready for dinner.
We had gone through more than half the bottle of wine by then.
Can I help with anything?” I offered.
No, it’s under control.
I cook steak to medium rare.
Is that okay for you? Perfect! First, she brought out a bowl filled with Caesar salad, and returned quickly with the steaks.
Let’s start with the salad, and when we are about half done, I will put the steaks on.
It sounded more than good to me, I was not used to this treatment.
I poured more wine and we dug in.
Soon, she was up, putting the steaks on the grill.
The sizzling smell was wonderful.
Before I knew it, they were done, and she had the baked potatoes on our plates also.
As we ate, I thought about her revealing their situation, Greg and her.
I felt like I had to tell her a bit about my history with girls, and also about my feelings from the Tantric sex we had earlier.
So, listen
Since we have time to talk while we eat, I want to tell you a couple of things.
You were very trusting and open with me about your current situation and history, I want to do the same.
That is very considerate Continue reading →

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Lana dreamed of stealing Mr Merchant away, at least for a little while, with the temptation of the delights her willing nineteen year old body could offer, and each day she wore a skirt just a little too short, and a blouse just a little too tight, in the hope that Mr Merchant would notice her.
When he was at the tearoom she would make every effort to catch his eye, smiling her fuck me hard smile whenever he looked her way.
However, as yet, Mr Merchant seemed indifferent to her evident charms.
His eyes would occasionally rove over her bare thighs, or take in the plump curve of her buttocks as she leaned to clear a table, but he would look away and showed no other Continue reading →

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Tim put his hands onto her boobs, and felt her up.
That was actually something I never saw them do before.
I looked over towards Jeanette’s pussy, and it was wetter than mine.
She had a sexy little patch of hair, and it just made me want her.
The woman I slept with was about my age, but I was eleven years older than Jeanette.
As I was eyeballing Jeanette’s pussy, Tim was eyeballing her eyes.
For about ten minutes straight, I didn’t think they ever broke eye contact.
In efforts to break their eye contact, I put Continue reading →

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Just thinking about the two of them was getting me all excited again.
I wasn’t in the shower too long.
I got dressed and walked to Jeannie’s house.
What’s up? You girls look great! Not too much.
Just washing the car again.
How are you doing? Jeannie answered.
Not bad.
Doug, this is our friend Matt.
He’s going to be hanging out with us today.
Nice to meet you Matt.
I’m Doug.
Matt extended his hand and I shook it.
Matt looked at me Continue reading →

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If there is anything else, I can help you with, she said, using a very soft and suggestive intonation, while looking down at me, Just let me know.
Nothing comes to mind right off the bat, I said, But it’s nice to know you have special skills.
Olivia smiled, proffered yet another wink at me and then she silently sauntered back to my office door, glancing back at me over her shoulder in my direction as she reached the threshold.
Just holler if you need me, she said.
I’ll be right out here.
I was both impressed and smitten.
The closeness with which Olivia had placed herself next Continue reading →

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She slowly and sensually rubbed Nora’s right nipple.
Nora backed away a little but Rachel put her left arm around Nora’s waist and pulled her Nora’s lips to hers.
She softly and deeply kissed Nora.
The thought of kissing another woman was foreign to her, but Nora couldn’t pull away, and didn’t seem to want to.
Rachel’s kisses were so soft and Continue reading →

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Ari was fun and she was easy and I liked that, but as soon as I wasn’t around she would easily fall prey to another Domme.
I laid there holding her till she fell asleep.
I covered her and went to shower.
Wow I thought, the official first day hadn’t even started and I was already having fun.
After my shower, I dressed and found my room key Continue reading →

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A half hour after Gabriela and I had finished, I saw her fucking Terry and my mom fucking Herb.
Dan was on Lilly.
I was on pause and needed time to recover.
By eleven that night, it was time to be a little more assertive and introduce my cock to another lady.
I chose Ava who was Herb Black’s wife.
She was stirring her drink when I approached her.
“So you’re Leah and Nolan’s boy.
” I hated being called a boy, especially at a party like this.
“Yes, I’m Rick, their son.
” “I’ve heard so much about you.
You’re a junior this year, right?” “Well, I finished my junior year.
I graduate next spring.
” “Well, I heard you’ve had a sort of graduation here tonight,” she said with a lascivious smile.
I didn’t like the woman, but she had big tits that got me really hard.
She noticed and grabbed me down there like she was holding onto a leash.
“I see you are ready for graduate work.
Come over here and we’ll study together.
” Ava pulled my cock leading me to an over-stuffed chair.
She was on her knees in an instant, and pulled her long blond hair back from her face.
Ava had my cock in her mouth and down her throat soon after.
I might have found her to grate on my nerves, but she gave me a hell of a blowjob.
She had a special talent with her tongue licking my balls and at the same time had me Continue reading →

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Ashleigh: This is my last attempt at working things out.
It’s been five years.
It’s like an investment at this point.
I just want to make sure there’s nothing there left to salvage.
Damon: Haha… sounds incredibly romantic when you put it that way.
I still think you Continue reading →