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Renée explained, before kissing her on her cheek and continuing, I don’t mind though.
Sarah and Sally had taken a few toys down to the river to play with.
There was a basketball, a frisbee, and a tennis ball on a string and pole.
The secluded area by the river Continue reading →

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If I let myself think anything think anything else, I might lose control of the situation.
I was not going to be one of those stupid girls who falls for a married man.
I am not sure what he felt if anything more than he loved the way I pleased him.
I tried to keep everything casual and not pursue him but let him come to me when he needed me so he felt comfortable.
We couldn’t stay late at work much or we would be noticed so I took off work a half day early and invited him over for lunch.
I do not know if he knew but I planned on having him for lunch that day.
The anticipation waiting for him to arrive was intense.
There was a knock on the door and the pace of my heart quickened.
I opened the door to find him in one of his business suits he always looked so sexy dressed like that.
“You look so good how Continue reading →

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Then I felt his hands go down my back again as he unzipped my skirt to let it fall to the floor.
Then my bra loosened and he slipped it off my arms to cup each breast in his hands and kiss them over and over.
“Mmm, oh, Debby, I’ve dreamed about this, oh, so much.
Mmm, I love your breasts,” he murmured as he took a nipple between his lips and started sucking.
Every suck sent a throb directly to my pussy.
I had dreamed of his lips sucking on me for days and now I watched his lips arousing me to heights that I hadn’t felt in years.
Then, he stood up and kissed me and led me to the sofa where I sat while he quickly disrobed to pull me up and hug me again, his hard cock insistently pushing against me as I reached down to hold it in my perspiring hand.
“Mmm, I’ve been dreaming of you holding my cock again, Debby,” he whispered as his Continue reading →

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Soon, I am having trouble breathing.
I gag each time your cock goes down my throat.
Just when I think I can’t take anymore, I feel the nails of your fingertips dig into the side of my head.
A louder growl and grunt emanate from your mouth.
Your sac tightens in my hand and I know you’re about to flood my mouth with your cum.
“Ready for my gift, my beautiful slut?” You groan out the words between thrusts.
“Don’t you dare waste a drop.
” One last push and I feel the first spurt of cum hit the back of my throat.
I swallow quickly.
Rope after rope of slippery cum spurts into the my mouth and I’m swallowing madly.
I’m trying to keep my balance on my knees.
When I think I can’t swallow anymore, I feel the flow slow.
Your hands release my head.
You push me away from you and bark out a command.
“Don’t swallow it all yet.
Show me my gift to you.
Open your mouth.
” I stop at the last minute from drinking all of your cum.
I tilt my head back and open my mouth and show you the cum still in my mouth.
You smile Continue reading →

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Without warning, he thrust hard and true, impaling my twat on his spear.
For six inches, he got really deep inside my body before he pulled back.
His helmet hooked against my lips and again he thrust into my wet pussy.
He might have been naive about fucking an experienced woman like me, but then again he could give me a satisfying fuck.
In and out his cock went and as I moaned louder and louder, his drive became stronger.
He brought his hand down harshly on my sweet, round ass.
His red hand print began to form immediately Continue reading →

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My cock was still firm enough to allow her to manipulate her clit against it in ways that gave her absolute satisfaction.
Doris was working herself off on my cock, rather than me doing it for her.
She was not only good, she was amazing.
This woman was incredible.
and made for fucking.
I hadn’t thought about her like this before but Doris really was a consummate professional.
Suddenly, her body erupted into a full on spasm and her body literally shook.
I have been with a lot of girls but I think this was something that Doris was truly enjoying.
Her orgasm was genuine and certainly not faked. Continue reading →

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That’s not going to get much done.
” Smiling and shaking his head Luke reluctantly went back to his task, thinking it was just a tease, until he felt the tug of his jeans being unbuttoned and unzipped.
The release of pressure off of his swollen shaft felt so good it made him instantly harder.
He felt the wetness of Molly’s sweet tongue between his balls; it sent a shudder through his entire body.
She moved up slowly to the tip.
She gave the underside of his head a few playful flicks before grabbing the base and sliding his entire length into her mouth.
Well, most of it.
Molly loved Luke’s cock.
It might have been too much for her mouth to take, but it touched all the right places when it was deep inside her.
Luke lay there for what seemed like hours enjoying the feel of Molly’s wet warm mouth bobbing up and down on his rock hard shaft.
She was so good at what she did when it came to him.
At one point he was in so much bliss that he dropped the wrench he was holding and hit himself in the head.
“Sonofabitch!” he exclaimed.
Molly giggled as she let his dick slip from her mouth and slap his stomach.
“Sorry, babe,” she told him.
She stood up and Luke thought she was leaving.
“A tease? Really?” he Continue reading →

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This was getting hotter by the second, but David didn’t like being odd man out.
In his almost forty years he had never done anything like this, but if he had thought they wanted him to become a part of it, he would have stayed.
He didn’t think that either of them even knew he was there.
To keep from embarrassing himself, he got out of the tub and went to his room.
He took off the wet towel, willed himself gradually back to normal, put on his pajama bottoms and went into Continue reading →