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I felt electricity going thru me.
I could feel his hard cock thru the shorts.
Tom took off my shirt and pulled my shorts down.
This was the first time I was naked for him.
I turned around and took his shirt off.
I got on my knees and pulled his shorts over his full eight inches.
I took his cock in my mouth and sucked him deep.
He stood there and looked down on my as I sucked on his cock.
Tom motioned me to get up.
I grabbed some of my massage oil and coated his cock with it.
I handed him the bottle and turned around and leaned on the table.
He dripped the oil all over Continue reading →

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She has long dirty blonde hair that reaches to the bottom of her shoulder blades and she wears loose most of the time.
She has the face of an angel with full soft, kissable lips a tiny upturned nose and the most beautiful blue eyes that you would love to dive into and stay there forever.
Her name is Becky, and I’m the horny next door neighbor that gets to watch her every day as she sunbathes Continue reading →

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My cock was now completely being swallowed.
She bobbed about a dozen times with every stroke ending in a slight hesitation followed by an additional inch of wet penetration.
Wearily, she stopped suddenly and stood up.
She placed her hand over the front part of her neck and made and an exaggerated swallowing gesture and with a voice dripping with a sense of accomplishment she said, Man, your penis is so long and fat Continue reading →

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It was like old times.
I mean, we enjoyed each other’s company, and really had fun together.
It was Daisy who brought up the subject when she asked, “Was I really that bad in high school?” “Bad? What do you mean?” “Oh Rick, you know.
I was so inexperienced when we first had sex.
You were so patient and good to me.
Have you thought of me in that way again?” “Of course I’ve thought of us, the good part that is, before you dumped me.
” “Rick, I’ve always felt guilty about that, and wanted to make it up to you.
Like I said, you were the best.
” “What are you thinking, Daisy?” She gave me a mischievous grin and said, “I don’t know.
Maybe we can go to your apartment for a nightcap.
” We both knew what she meant.
We both wanted the same thing.
After we had undressed, I was thrilled by her mature sexy body that had filled out since high school.
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She started to alternate between rocking her hips and sliding up and down on his pulsing cock.
Luke’s eyes were closed tight.
She knew he was close but was trying not to let go.
Molly slowed down and leaned over to whisper in his ear, “Open your eyes, baby, and cum with me.
I’m so close and I want to feel you explode inside me.
” Luke watched as she leaned back and arched her back pushing her firm tits out at him.
This coupled with her beautiful eyes staring into his as her hot wet pussy massaged every inch of his shaft was too much.
He groaned loudly as his cock started to pulse and his first shot of cum started to fill her.
That was all Molly needed to set her off.
She screamed and moaned as a second orgasm shot through her body.
Their moans ran together as Luke continued to shoot stream after stream of hot cum into her.
Molly kept pace making sure she pulled every last drop he had out of him.
She felt his firmness start to soften, she leaned down to kiss him.
As she did, his cock slipped out of her and laid against his stomach.
As she lay there gently kissing and sucking his neck, Luke could feel the combination of their juices dripping out of her covering his sensitive shaft and running down his balls.
Molly sat up quickly and pulled her bra and tank top up.
She stood Continue reading →

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Julie moved against him, in rhythm with his own thrusts, as David experienced the delights he had been dreaming about.
Their pace gradually increased, providing each with more delirious sensations.
David’s mouth was open and with each thrust he let out a low guttural sound.
Julie’s breaths were getting shorter, her pace of breathing matching the movement of their bodies.
As David Continue reading →

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My first taste of another woman’s pussy, stronger that my own juice, muskier like her scent but all together delicious and oh so arousing.
My nose nestled in the short tuft of strawberry blonde hair that tops her slit.
I slid my hands beneath the firm globes of her butt to cup her and lift her to me.
I ran my tongue along those puffy swollen labia, probing with the tip, spreading her juice and opening her up.
Pausing to gently blow across her clit, watching as it swelled, feeling her body twitch in my arms as she moaned her desires.
I gently drew her hood back, her clit like her labia was an outie, constantly poised to aid her pleasure, I’ve known her to cum just from wearing tight shorts.
Sealing my lips around her clit I sucked gently.
Her whole body convulsed and she squealed her pleasure.
I had been working my thumb along her perineum and then I slipped it between her slick folds to Continue reading →

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Her hand dropped to her pussy as she wondered if Steve liked what he saw.
She knew he would see more.
OK, I’ll give you a short version of my twenty nine years of existence.
I was born in 1982, I was born a girl, but I had something wrong with me when I was in my mother’s womb so the doctor’s said when I reached the age of twelve I would have to have an operation.
I had the operation with machines to me.
But somehow during that time, while in theatre, something out of the ordinary happened.
I grew a boy’s penis and balls.
The doctors told my parents there was nothing they could do.
So, during my junior year in high school, I started puberty and started producing male and female hormones.
I grew breasts on top and started having wet dreams that boys got when they started puberty.
What made it even worse was when I had to change in girls locker rooms and the girls changing made me ever so horny seeing their breasts.
I had to hide in the loo as the result of my horniness lead me to have a huge hard on through my school skirt.
Kids called me a freak of nature.
My first sex experience was with a school goddess called Melissa Godden, who had the most amazing set of knockers.
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