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Cum mouth beach. Shove it deeper baby! I want your finger in my ass deep!” she said, pushing back a bit to give me a hint.
I pushed my finger deeper into her and as she rocked and ground her pussy on my cock, my finger squirmed and wriggled in her ass, driving her nearly insane with pleasure.
This was not how Cherrie wanted to cum, though.
After a long kiss, with our tongues mingling, she raised her upper body, Continue reading →

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It did not stop there.
He removed his wet, slick fingers from my pussy and brushed them down toward my anus.
He brushed over my asshole with his index finger, circling around it, and teasing it.
As he was doing this, his piercing eyes watched my reaction closely.
Mm… This felt good to me.
I was looking forward to what Continue reading →

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Then her eyes would be wide open as she screamed out in sexual ecstasy.
Oh my god, YES! Jennifer would yell out.
I wondered if security might come to our door to tell us to keep the noise down.
Then I remembered that all the rooms adjoining ours were occupied by our friends.
I laughed to myself as I realized that they would hear us but then again I did not really care.
They would probably tease us about it later, which they did.
Jennifer was still going up and down, grinding back and forth, sometimes getting so wound up she would sling her long dark hair.
We both could see how drenched she was in the mirror.
The wetness from her pussy had Continue reading →

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Her reaction was his final confirmation, in her office, in his dealings with her; he had developed a keen sense of her body language.
Her bewitching beauty was also her undoing, Jack had never failed to hang on her every word, to look into her beautiful eyes and admire her attractive face.
Jack looked at her and felt contempt rising from him again.
“I will keep you as my pet, Tanya has clearly taught you a lot,” added Nancy laughing as Jack’s cock was now fully hard.
“I’m sure I can find you another slut to keep you company when I am away.
” Prizing her hand from his cock, he firmly held her wrist and placed her arm slowly and gently down by her side.
Naked and exposed, he started to gather his clothes and put them on with a look of distain on his face.
“Jack?” added Nancy in a low tone of genuine puzzlement.
Jack looked at her and shook his head.
“Your choice Jack Continue reading →

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She swept her shoulder-length brown hair back behind her right ear and smiled back at Jasmine.
Thank you, Miss Storey.
I’d like to accept the position.
She spat out quickly, just in case the older lady changed her mind.
Jasmine Storey picked the paper file from her desk, got to her feet and walked over to the edge of Continue reading →