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I could hear the tension in her voice, she was clearly aware of my sexual arousal and she was not enjoying this as much as I did.
Yet she was trying to be helpfull.
“So I am inviting you to stay at my cottage tonight.
” All my thoughts, all the flow of logical information in my mind was destroyed.
I never was good at taking the girls out, and I clearly was not Brad Pitt or some kind of body-building champion.
Quite the opposite, a thoughtfull thin man with a little hunch.
So what was going on now? But I couldn’t even think on that.
Everything there; the sunset, the sound of the river we were trailing along, the birds singing their evening songs, the smell of the lady in my lap, the feeling of the animal between my legs.
All those were always there maybe, but I felt like I could hear them saying something for the first time.
I couldn’t understand the meaning, but I was definitely sure that it was the most soothing, most peaceful thing I ever experienced.
And I was going to miss all of that.
What a useless life I had lived.
A wasted opportunity to meet, learn and enjoy the real world, which was the earth itself.
I had no tomorrow in this earth.
I hadn’t noticed that we had stopped.
I hadn’t noticed that I was crying either.
I was not making any sound, but my tears were following eachother and falling to Billie’s beautiful, naked neck.
I suddenly realized my situation and tried to gather myself.
I rubbed the tears off my eyes quickly. Horney people east hartland connecticut.

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