Hang out for passion.

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Hang out for passion.
That can’t be good for them, right? And the things adults wear to those parties; so tacky.
She paused.
What’s that smell? Chann panicked.
Had Anne been wearing some scent? Had the smell of Stokes’ grave coat infected the whole house? His mind raced for an explanation.
Then Diana said: Is that chocolate chip cookies? Yes! He led her to the kitchen.
Stokes had gotten into the pan after all and eaten almost half, but the important one was still there.
Working hard not to look at it yet, he picked another one off the edge and broke it in two, handing half to her.
She rolled her eyes in ecstasy as she bit into it.
He’d never met a woman who loved rich food as much as she did, especially chocolate.
I’m not much of a baker, but I wanted something to surprise you with.
Aren’t you sweet.
They retired to the living room and made a picnic of cookies and champagne, curling up in each other’s lap to watch Gone with the Wind (her favorite movie, which he’d never seen in its entirety).
While the opening credits rolled and the bubbles from the first sip were still tingling on Chann’s tongue she told him about her shift at the hospital, about her progress on the book of poetry she was writing, and about the night yoga classes she’d started.
Because of her schedule they saw each other only once a week or so, but they’d been dating for 10 months now and they talked two or three times a day, often, just to hear the sound of the other’s voice.
She did most of the talking in the relationship, which was a relief; Chann was never much of a talker to begin with.
At work (he chopped for a butcher over in the Dogpatch–the old nights were behind him now, but he still knew his way around meat) he pretended not to know English.
His Spanish-speaking coworkers thought he only spoke Cantonese and his Chinese-speaking coworkers thought he only spoke Spanish.
Conversation was a chore (or a minefield), but not with Diana.
With Diana, everything was good.
Best of all, everything was normal.
The movie went on.
Diana regarded Vivien Legh’s haughty face and said, What do you think of Scarlett? She’s pushy.
I mean the name.
Would it be good for a girl? Hang out for passion.

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