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I had one foot on the floor as I angled towards her and the other leg kneeling on the sofa.
I looked at her face for a final confirmation but saw nothing but raw desire .
It was as though Valerie needed me inside her, which was an incredible turn on for me.
My cock came to touch her pussy lips, guided by Valerie’s hand.
She pulled slightly on my shaft, urging me to thrust inside.
I pushed gently, parted her lips and slipped inside.
Looking down between us, I watched as my stark white cock disappeared into her warm, dark folds.
Valerie gasped a little as I slid in and I simply felt the warmth of her pussy walls as I reached the full length of my penetrating her.
Valerie cooed, Oh, you feel so good.
You got it all in there.
I could feel that I was all the way in and it was a great feeling.
Basking in the warmth of her pussy, I pulled out a little and slipped in again.
Valerie shifted her position slightly to allow me to make easier and longer strokes.
As much as I liked seeing the pleasure on Valerie’s face as I pushed in and out of her and the way her big boobs rocked with our motion, I was fascinated by the sight of my cock disappearing into her. Gay hairy men bottom.

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