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Chapel’s this way, she said, entwining her arm with mine.
Come with me.
We sat in the first row.
Some guy with a mournful look stood at a podium and mouthed platitudes about death being a passage and that the dead guy, he looked at the program to find his name, would be waiting on the other side.
Shania leaned into me and clutched my arm.
After about fifteen minutes of chatter and some sad music, everybody was invited to trek to the graveside for the burial.
Most of the guests, about fifteen of them, had to walk.
The funeral guy led Shania and me to a limousine.
We followed the black station wagon with the casket through the narrow roads until we arrived at the tented gravesite.
The pile of fresh earth was covered with a black tarpaulin. Allow automatic updating android apps.

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